On August 27, Jij announced that they had raised a total of approximately ¥200,000,000 (around $1,900,000) in funding. These funds were raised through the third-party allocation of shares with Anri and Deepcore as leading investors, with Innovations and Future Creation as the undertaker.

Jij is a research start up founded by the world's leading quantum annealing researchers through the START (Japan Science and Technology Agency) program to create new university-launched industries.

The internet, AI, and technological developments make it possible to predict human behavioral patterns, and new services are in the process of being created in response to movement needs and changes in energy supply and demand that were produced as a result of this. However, with the vast amount of prediction data and the limiting conditions, it is difficult to calculate the optimum decisions based on preexisting calculation methods. Jij is doing research to actualize the implementation of combinatorial optimization to calculate these decisions that are "difficult to calculate" using Ising machines/algorithms based on quantum technology.

Jij will be using the money they raised to accelerate development of their optimization middleware software, "Jij-Cloud," as well as to do collaborative research with partner companies. Furthermore, Jiji will be hiring more back-end engineers to develop middleware/cloud services as well as researchers focusing on quantum calculations or optimization theory to continue with their research and development.