Lily MedTech

Lily MedTech announced that it was adopted for the fiscal 2020 Technology-based Startup Support Program/Product Commercialization Alliance (PCA) run by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Organization (NEDO).

Lily MedTech is a startup launched at the University of Tokyo by a female entrepreneur to realize a woman-friendly breast cancer diagnosis. On December 9, 2019, the company received approval as a First-class Medical Device Manufacturing and Sales Company and is currently focusing on building a mass-production system and the internal organizations to prepare to conduct sales.

The R&D theme adopted for this year’s PCA is the breast ultrasonic diagnostic equipment developed by the company. The device is bed shaped and features a ring-shaped ultrasonic transducer in a water tank placed in the open hole at the head of the bed.

The woman lays prone in the device with her breast descending into the water tank where a 3D image of the entire breast is automatically captured. This is a non-contact imaging method and so does not cause any pain like when the breast is compressed during a mammography and since it uses ultrasound, there is no risk from radiation. Further, because the breast is hanging downward and the imaging is conducted automatically, the imaging does not depend on the operator making it is possible to capture highly reproducible images.

Going forward, Lily MedTech will proceed with improvement development to lower costs so that the device can be widely used in Japan and abroad to create an environment where more women can easily receive breast cancer examinations.