On August 6, Corpy&Co. announced the prelaunch of CONFIDE, a service that facilitates AI operation and quality control for domain-specific AI.

Corpy&Co. is an AI startup from the University of Tokyo and the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (Inria). Leveraging the company’s XAI (explainable AI) and QAAI (quality assurance for AI) technology, CONFIDE provides a platform for the operation and quality control of domain-specific AI used in the manufacturing industry and other fields.

The black box problem — the inability to understand why AI makes certain decisions — has remained a challenge. Quality assurance of AI systems is also often insufficient. By solving issues like these and accumulating domain-specific knowledge, CONFIDE facilitates the operation and quality control of the AI systems required in each domain.

With new funding in excess of ¥100 million (over $950 thousand) from DEEPCORE, Deep30 and other financial institutions, the company will focus on developing CONFIDE while introducing the service to businesses in preparation for the official launch.

The official version of CONFIDE is set to launch in December. Until that time, Corpy&Co. is seeking companies that want to try using CONFIDE for AI operation and quality control, as well as partners interested in jointly developing services.