On July 20, robot venture Groove X announced its initiative with the Minatomirai school and Oimachi school of the after-school student care facility “Hiraku Kids Human Academy After school for Global Kids” (Hiraku Kids) managed by Human Academy. They will be conducting a programming class, “Happy LOVOT Programming!”, from August 3 to 7, making use of the family-type robot “LOVOT” developed by the same company.

“LOVOT STUDY” is a content series for kids that makes them want to learn of their own accord. As the first step of the series, “visual programming,” in which one can experience “the job of an engineer” through LOVOT, was released.

Happy LOVOT Programming!

As children’s summer vacations tend to have been shortened as compared to other years due to COVID-19, the two companies felt a similar desire to deliver a special experience and memory to the children, which led to the realization of this collaboration.

As programming has become a necessary subject to study starting from the year of 2020, this time, they will be conducting Happy LOVOT Programming! Which teaches programming with the use of LOVOT in the summer school program that Hiraku Kids conducts every year. In the same class, the programming class teachers of each school will become instructors, and they will learn LOVOT’s programming using Scratch (a software for learning programming that allows the user to easily develop programs without the need to learn difficult programming languages or the correct way to write syntax). They hope that through the experience of moving LOVOT, they will become interested in programming education that starts in school as well and feel the social meaning and so on of programming.

Also, to the children who are experiencing increasing levels of stress and anxiety due to the restrictions on going out and the cancellations of school events such as educational visits, overnight field trips, and so on, just interacting and communicating with LOVOT will result in their heart being cared for. Thus, they are working on introducing this to elementary schools, nursery schools, certified centers for early childhood education and care, and so on all over Japan. /p>