9sta! Sports Team Service

On July 15, Laiblitz announced the addition of a pitching analysis system to the "9sta! Sports Team Service," a baseball team management analysis system.

9sta! Sports Team Service is a cloud service for professional baseball teams that allows you to manage and analyze game scores and footage all in one place. The service is used by professional baseball teams, non-professional teams sponsored by corporations, and teams playing in the Softball League to improve team performance.

The newly developed pitching analysis feature is a feature that allows you to integrate data from "MA-Q," a system for analyzing the rotation of Mizuno baseballs, in your analysis. MA-Q is a product that can record and measure the rotation, axis, and speed of special training baseballs using dedicated built-in sensors for use in analysis.


9sta! users can optionally use a smartphone application to combine the pitching data like rotation, axis, and speed from MA-Q together with pitching footage taken by a video camera or smartphone to perform analysis while comparing the videos and checking the data. You can use this feature to improve the skills of the athletes as well as supplement coach advice.