Noco begins providing “toaster team” knowledge sharing tool

toaster team

On July 14, Noco began providing the official version of the “toaster team” team collaboration tool that makes possible one-stop task management of published knowledge by creating and sharing knowledge, such as operation manuals and procedures.

toaster team is a cloud service for creating and sharing knowledge, such as in-house operation manuals and procedures. It can be used with a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Manuals and procedures can be created by just following the template to write the operation process steps in order and entering the text, images, and videos like when posting to a blog. Further, the created knowledge can be shared within the company with the push of a button, which leads to making operations visible and reproducible.

toaster team

Allows the creation of manuals and procedures just like making blog entries

toaster team

Supports image editing

toaster team

External contents can be embedded

In addition, there is a built-in image editing function that allows users to freely add text and graphs to the images, which eliminates the hassle of having to use a separate graphics tool to conduct the image editing work and then import the data. Further, contents made using a variety of tools, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Form, Google Maps, or YouTube, can be embedded and displayed in a document, making it possible to use the data without having to distinguish whether the contents are text, image, video, file, or external contents.

toaster team

The task function can be used to generate checklists from the created manuals and procedures

The task functions built into toaster team can also be used for training new hires and inexperienced people by using one-click operation to create checklists from published operation manuals and procedures and then to manage progress and check understanding.

toaster team also supports detailed task management, such as scheduling that includes selecting members and deadlines, and can visualize the task progress for each employee as well as measure the time taken to complete tasks. Notifications to prompt task completion are automatically sent before and after the deadline, making it possible to conduct task management without requiring a lot of follow-up work and time.

The cost plans include a free plan of 0 yen per month per user and a 800 yen per month plan (Approx. $5.50 for one team of 11 or more people). There are no initial setup costs.

In the future the company will expand the range of information managed by a team and plans to link with the chat tools of Slack, Microsoft Team, etc.


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