BoCo announced on July 8 that it will release the PEACE TW-1 wireless bone conduction earphones on July 30. It is the latest model in its earsopen series of bone conduction earphones. It is the world's first fully wireless bone conduction earphones. They cost ¥21,780 (approximately $200). It will be available in two colors: black and white.

In response to strong consumer demand for fully wireless bone conduction earphones, BoCo began to work on miniaturizing the battery and control circuit board in their earphones, a difficult feat to achieve. After countless prototypes, they produced these fully wireless bone conduction earphones.


The unit has a T-shaped ear cuff design, which not only gives it a great fit and feel, but also reduces the risk of it being dropped. In addition, fitting the bone conduction device at the optimal angle, they have improved sound leakage prevention, which has been particularly difficult to achieve with this type of earphone. The company claims to have reduced sound leakage by approximately 50% when compared to its other products.

The bone conduction device has enhanced power in the low and high frequencies for a wider range. They say it will allow you to enjoy music with a rich sound that faithfully reproduces the original. Their frequency response is from 4Hz to 40KHz.

Other features include a high-sensitivity microphone, perfect for web conferencing, and IPX7-rated water resistance. It charges in about an hour and a half for the unit and two hours for the cradle, with a full charge lasting approximately five hours. The device connects to Bluetooth 5.0.

The unit size/weight is approximately 32mm wide x 30mm thick x 27mm high x 18g (approximately 9g per ear). The size/weight of the cradle is approximately 70mm wide x 36mm thick x 43mm high / approximately 43g.