On July 1, Uniʼque began its provision of Yakummy, a social media app for yakumi (Japanese condiments) lovers. Uni'que is recruiting business managers as candidates to handle yakumi and take on the role of company president, in anticipation of a future corporate spin-off.

Yakumi are condiments unique to Japan. Examples of yakumi are grated or chopped toppings such as daikon, wasabi, ginger, green onion, and red pepper. The app focuses on yakumi and allows users to post info about such. The app lets yakumi lovers communicate with each other and post/share all sorts of information about the quirks and uniqueness of yakumi, including local specialties symbolizing the flavor of Japan. The app's initial goal is to discover local yakumi specialties throughout Japan as a social media app. Uni'que plans to develop businesses such as e-commerce of rare yakumi and yakumi tourism, in collaboration with manufacturers and other companies. Yakummy is currently only available for iOS (with an Android release planned for the future).

Uni'que developed Your, an incubation business specializing in developing female entrepreneurs. Yakummy was developed through the said incubation business, Your. However, the original business manager left the project due to their own circumstances, which resulted in Uni'que looking for a new one.