AeroRange PRO

Osaka-based Drone manufacturer AeroG Lab announced its new AeroRange PRO hybrid drone in June.

The AeroRange PRO is a large-scale hybrid drone equipped with six rotors. It is called a hybrid drone as it can be driven by either its small gasoline engine or by battery power.

Equipped with two power sources, the drone can fly for three hours—6-10 times longer than other drone models—for a maximum flight distance of 120 km. Furthermore, by switching to battery power upon running out of gas, the drone can fly for a fixed period of time, resulting in excellent safety.

The drone is approximately 1800 mm in diameter, weighs approximately 19 kg excluding fuel, and can carry a 10 kg load.


A live and online launch presentation was held in May

The AeroRange PRO was developed in cooperation with machining and metalworking company Seiko Seimitsu. Seiko Seimitsu established and operate Garage Minato, a startup-focused manufacturing support base, in cooperation with, and located within, Leave a Nest’s Osaka office.

The AeroRangePRO was developed at AeroG Lab in cooperation with both operators of Garage Minato as well as Kobashi Robotics, who assisted in the transition to mass production. This four-company team system made it possible to act in a coordinated fashion from prototyping to mass production.

AeroG Lab started in 2010 with the development of a multi-rotor helicopter, and was incorporated in 2012. The company has demonstrated vigorous growth, conducting joint research with Osaka University, collaborating with TV studios, and, in 2018, providing a proof-of-concept goods delivery service in collaboration with the town of Wake, Okayama.

The AeroRange PRO is not only a highly functional drone, but, due to its development in collaboration with the three aforementioned companies, stands as a model example of how a startup can mass-produce high-quality products.