On June 24, Alt and Alt Technologies released the alpha test of the questionnaire survey system Nulltitude, the world’s first AI clone (P. A. I.).

Nulltitude is an AI clone questionnaire system that answers questionnaire surveys using groups of individual human AI clones. The Alt Clone Modeling Engine developed by the company extracts the feature values of human thought and personality and learns the life log of actual humans to replicate their thought. When questionnaires are given to the generated AI clones, they give answers that reflect the thought of the humans on which they are based. The questionnaire is given to multiple AI clones, the statistics collected, and the results returned to the party conducting the questionnaire.

This was released as an alpha test with limited functions and number of AI clones. At this stage, work is being conducted to verify the responses to the questionnaire match the responses of the original humans. At the same time, the number of AI clones necessary for sufficiently verifying response accuracy is being generated.

The cost of using Nulltitude is at most about 1/100th that of conducting a questionnaire survey to actual humans and only takes 1/40,000th the time to complete, so this system will be provided to companies and individuals that want to easily conduct questionnaire surveys. The acquired profits will be distributed to the people from whom the AI clone models were extracted. In addition, providing an API makes it possible to conduct real time surveys from a wide range of applications. This is expected to be used by a variety of news services and finance and business documents among other uses.

To move from the alfa test to the beta test stage, the company is recruiting individuals that wish to generate AI clones based on their life logs.