$2.8M in funding obtained by U-MAP, a venture company for innovative materials that are solving the heat problem

On June 19, U-MAP announced that it had obtained funding of about 300 million yen (approx. $2.8 million). The funding was obtained from the five companies of Real Tech Fund, Kyoto University Innovation Capital, OKB Capital, Shinsei Bank, and Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings.

U-MAP is a venture company launched at Nagoya University. The Ujihara Lab of Nagoya University aims to use the results of its research, fibrous nitride aluminum single crystals (Thermalnite), to solve the heat problems through social implementation. Adding Thermalnite to ceramics, an electronics component material, and plastic improves the thermal conductivity and in particular can increase the thermal conductivity of lightweight and flexible materials, such as plastic and rubber, without degrading their characteristics and so it is hoped this will improve the heat dissipation and cooling efficiency of electronic components in such products as electric vehicles.

The company has already begun sales of Thermalnite as well as master batch sales of ceramics, plastics, and rubbers to which Thermalnite has been added to over 70 companies. The funding will be used to design, operate, and establish a thorough quality assurance system for a pilot line for the mass production of Thermalnite, to conduct research and development for accelerating the development of ceramic, plastic, and rubber composite materials (manufacturing conditions optimization, structural control, etc.), and to build alliances.


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