China Dokodemo WiFi

On June 16, Joytel launched the mobile Wi-Fi router "China Dokodemo WiFi," which offers a fast and stable Internet connection for users in China to access Japanese websites for the benefit of Japanese expatriates who are bothered by Internet issues in China.

As part of existing measures against COVID-19, employees of Japanese companies in China have also been instructed to avoid going out and engage in remote work, leading to a higher demand for Internet access to Japanese websites from China. However, due to the unstable Internet connection in China for overseas websites, including those of Japan, many websites cannot be browsed on wired connections, making it difficult for employees to work in many cases.

In addition, many Japanese people residing in China generally utilize a VPN service that encrypts the communication route when using the Internet in China to access overseas websites. However, as these VPN services are not officially authorized in China, the services are often cut off and unstable connections continue to persist, leading to tremendous stress for many Japanese expatriates.

Even if companies are against the use of VPNs that violate China's compliance guidelines by their employees, it is difficult for them to allow employees to utilize expensive private connections for personal use and there has been almost no good solution for solving this issue with cost.

In view of this situation, Joytel has launched "China Dokodemo WiFi," a service that allows Japanese people residing in China to access Japanese webpages from China conveniently.

"China Dokodemo WiFi" is a service that utilizes international connections between China and Japan provided by major telecommunications companies that have partnered with Joytel, making it possible for users to enjoy a stable Internet connection. A set containing a SIM and a mobile Wi-Fi router will be provided to users, which can be used to connect to these international connections. The monthly charges are 330 RMB (around $47). Notably, users on 6-month subscription plans can enjoy huge savings as compared to renting the same Wi-Fi router at airports in Japan.

The SIM and mobile Wi-Fi router will be delivered to users on the same day or within the following two days after submitting their application. Users can use the service by simply inserting the enclosed SIM into the mobile Wi-Fi router and turning on the power.

This service allows users to browse Japanese websites conveniently even without using VPN services that are not authorized in China. Employees of Japanese companies that emphasize the importance of compliance no longer need to utilize unauthorized VPN services, thereby lowering the risk to their continued operations in China.

As part of a campaign to commemorate the launch of this service, users will receive the mobile Wi-Fi router (regular price of 5000 yen or around $47) required for this service for free.