SmaRyu Post

On June 15, CBcloud, Japan Post and Optimind announced the introduction of SmaRyu Post, a system to enhance the efficiency of home deliveries. The move is a step towards reforming the logistics industry.

CBcloud provides SmaRyu Post as a work efficiency system for courier companies. The system will be gradually introduced in about 200 post offices between June 15 and October. Inefficient, analog tasks are a major challenge for couriers. To solve this issue, the system integrates a number of features on a smartphone, including package loading, delivery routing, navigation, delivery status management and electronic signatures. To help new drivers and staff complete their tasks smoothly, the system provides a feature that allows the knowledge of experienced drivers to be inherited. This includes information about the destination's unique circumstances and relationships, as well as where to load the package in the vehicle in consideration of the route and packaging.

CBcloud is funded by the Japan Post Group, while Optimind received the highest prize in an open innovation program sponsored by Japan Post. The two companies are conducting continuous trials in cooperation with Japan Post to optimize their services for couriers. SmaRyu Post is the result of a partnership between all three companies to further optimize the delivery process.

Optimind develops Loogia, a route optimization cloud service. The service suggests delivery routes based on more than 30 constraints, such as the specified time for the delivery and the unique road conditions of the last mile. AI is used to analyze information about past deliveries collected from GPS, such as driving speed and parking position. As a result, up-to-date delivery information and veteran know-how can be shown for each route, allowing deliveries to be completed more smoothly.

As the volume of packages to be delivered increases with each year, the shortage of drivers is becoming more severe. Through this partnership with Japan Post and Optimind, CBcloud aims to solve this and other social issues surrounding the logistics industry by promoting more sustainable practices