Elix, a technology company specialized in deep learning, has announced the development of an AI solution as a coronavirus (COVID-19) countermeasure that can analyze camera footage in real-time and which, by detecting the number of people and their positions, is able to measure numbers of groups and the crowding of people. From June 4th, trial versions of this solution have been offered to corporations and local governments, etc.

One of the measures aimed at limiting the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) currently demanded is to ensure social distancing by avoiding “the three Cs” (closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings).

This solution has been developed using Elix’s expertise in the field of computer-vision (image recognition). By ascertaining the numbers of people and their location information within camera images, group detection and estimation of the degree of crowding are performed in real-time. Companies that want to install this solution can also add functions such as detection of mask-wearing as necessary.

Elix expects the solution to be adopted mainly in places where people gather and crowding could easily occur, including commercial spaces such as shopping malls, event venues, public facilities, and workspaces including office buildings and factories.

As a company that specializes in deep learning, Elix’s main clients are the R&D divisions of major corporations, to whom Elix provides consulting, model development/improvement and model licensing. Its main fields are currently computer-vision (image recognition), AI drug design, and materials/informatics. Elix has a particularly long list of achievements in the field of computer-vision (image recognition), which has been its core business since the company was established, including model development for automated driving and ADAS using deep learning.