On May 18, PR Times started its publicity platform service, "PR TIMES STORY" where companies and organizations can officially talk about their background and insider stories, such as developer diaries or the story of the organization's founding.


Up until now, background and insider stories of companies and organizations have mostly focused on certain departments or notable persons shared by the mass media or individuals on their social media accounts, and the information that the world gets about them is often limited to a certain degree.

By using this service, developers and project members themselves can disemminate official information as an individual of the organization, not only to the mass media but also their insider's story to the general public. Firsthand information has a lot of value, and we believe it grants the consumers of the information "empathy and knowledge".

Organizations with a track record of popular press releases on PR TIMES will be able to use PR TIMES STORY for free until September 30. The main user of the company or organization can login to PR TIMES and find "Story" from the Post Management Menu to write a post.

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