WorkstyleOS Portal

On May 8, Acall released "WorkstyleOS Portal (beta version)" to consolidate various workspaces, hardware, and software into a visual interface.

To reform work styles, improve work efficiency, and promote teleworking, a variety of tools have been introduced in offices. However, when hardware, software, and cloud services are installed individually, efficiency can decline.

WorkstyleOS Portal (beta version) is a platform providing a realtime visual of the information you want to see on the dashboard as obtained from external services and the remote work feature (to be released soon) linked to the Public API and Webhook. When the remote work feature is released, it will be possible to check-in with desktop apps in addition to Acall's check-in applications (reception check-in, conference room check-in, room entry/exit check-in).

You can check various data according to your settings such as the number of people checked into the office, the number of remote workers, the usage rate of meeting rooms, the number of visitors, the frequency of opening and closing the security gate, and the usage of vending machines. Also, with the desktop application, employee status information such as the person's physical condition, mental state, etc., can be obtained and shown visually.

In the future, we will form a feedback group to analyze and provide visuals of the worker's work data (task history, evaluation, and environment information), and use AI to automate, facilitate, and make recommendations. This feedback group is to improve work quality and productivity.