A.L.I. Technologies

A.L.I. Technologies and the Japan BENEX Corporation announce that they have joined the COVID-19 analysis project called Folding@home and have started providing computing resources to the project.

Folding@home is a project that uses distributed computing to run molecular dynamics simulations that analyze COVID-19 behavior and help develop cures for the disease. The project started at Stanford University in the year 2000 and is supported by volunteers.

A.L.I. is expanding its business in computer power-sharing and is operating multiple servers with thousands of GPUs, distributed around Japan. That includes a server that has more than 300 pieces of AMD GPUs, installed in a factory of our parent company Japan BENEX Corporation and powered by a solar power plant owned by them.

With the approval of Japan BENEX Corporation, our company will contribute all the computing power from this server to the Folding@home project to play a part in the global effort. A.L.I. mainly provides its GPU servers for Computer Graphics rendering and the Training Phase of Deep Learning, and this initiative will expand its use to molecular dynamics simulations and fluid dynamics analysis.

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