On April 21, X-Locations announced comprehensive improvements to the “Visit Analysis” function of its ”Location AI Platform,” a platform developed in-house using location information big data.

Visit Analysis is a function that allows fast visualization of changes in the movement of people by estimating the visits to an arbitrary location or spot. The change in movement of people is estimated by performing multiple rounds of statistical processing from big data on the number of people who have visited a certain location or area over time.

X-Locations has now comprehensively improved this function to integrate a “following day update function”. This enables visualization of the change in movement of people up to the previous day until 1 PM of the following day, and also gives preliminary figures for estimates by day or time zone.

This function will be made available from April 28. As a cloud-based service, it can be accessed at any time from a web browser (Chrome or Chromium-based Edge are recommended) and time intervals to be compared such as a comparison with the previous year or previous week can be chosen as needed. In addition, CSV files of the data can be downloaded and used as required in other applications for incorporation into graphs or figures.

Of note, accounts for the Location AI Platform with which this function can be used will be offered free of charge to press/media-related companies, local governments, and public organizations as a way to gather information for measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection.

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