the Hokkaido University Venture Accreditation System

On April 8, AWL, Chowa Giken, and T.I.L. announced that they have started the joint development of a new anti-coronavirus solution for retail stores.

AWL will provide AI camera solutions, Chowa Giken will develop AI algorithms, and T.I.L. will develop AI voice recorders for retail stores. All are venture companies certified by the Hokkaido University Venture Accreditation System, which was launched at Hokkaido University in April 2016.

In cities where lockdowns are underway, retailers, which serve as lifelines for citizens, will continue to operate as they work on measures against the novel coronavirus, but the burden of manual tasks is expected to increase.

The AI camera solution for retail stores being jointly developed by these three companies will be able to prevent problems at stores selling hygienic products, detect congestion and danger, detect those with fevers or wearing masks, detect the distance between customers and count the number of contact made between them, measure in-store population density, and detect alcohol disinfection by analyzing camera images.

They are developing a solution that can be introduced to stores within a short time frame using image recognition, voice recognition and other technologies.