In order to communicate accurate news regarding COVID-19 to foreigners living in Japan, Global Trust Networks (GTN) began broadcasting with native speakers in five languages on April 6.

Global Trust Networks began specializing in rent guarantees and other real estate brokerage functions for foreigners, and expanded to provide career support, cell phones, credit cards, and many other kinds of lifestyle support services. Citizens of 20 countries comprise 70% of GTN's employees, and respond to a wide variety of needs with a solid understanding of language and cultural differences. In their rent guarantee business, they provide all-around support to foreigners beginning their life in Japan, from providing information regarding rental housing, to rent guarantees, and lifestyle support after moving in.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, telecommuting and school closings are more common, and thus time at home being exposed to a multitude of information has increased. The company's call center has become flooded with foreigners dealing with anxiety or stress not being sure which information to trust.

"I don't understand Japanese news" "I want to get accurate information" "I'm not sure what's happening, what I should do?" "It's stressful being alone, I want to hear news in my native language" "I'd like a way to get accurate information without having to make a call" After receiving many such inquiries, GTN began offering Japanese news in five of the more common languages requested.

GTN's native speakers use a conversational format to communicate information regarding COVID-19 in Japan in a radio style that young people can easily understand and are familiar with, and listeners can gain information while working, studying, or preparing meals. The first installment contained information on hand washing and cough etiquette, what symptoms to look out for (fever, etc.) and what to do if you get them, and the current situation regarding the state of emergency declaration.

The languages offered are English, Vietnamese, Nepali, Portuguese, and Mongolian (languages are continually being added). You can listen on the company's website.