On March 17, Wantedly launched the Beta version of Wantedly Perk to its enterprise users, free of charge. Wantedly Perk offers a range of exclusive privileges to employees at discounted prices.

Wantedly is the company behind business social media platform Wantedly. As the recruitment industry evolves from providing services starting from candidates' job applications to their recruitment to encompass awareness-raising among potential candidates and post recruitment success and retention of employees, Wantedly in early 2019 started to provide engagement services to support newly recruited employees, in an effort to increase the number of people truly motivated and excited about their jobs and careers. Wantedly calls this "Recruitment Marketing".

From the 17th, companies with paid Wantedly subscriptions can provide Wantedly Perk to its employees free of charge. Wantedly Perk offers exclusive privileges for employees and family members (including LBGT couples and couples married under the common law, etc.) of companies with paid Wantedly subscriptions to access all kinds of services at discounted prices.

Users using services through Wantedly Perk will be able to receive special discounts. Services available are services such as music streaming services, housekeeping services, etc. Wantedly is starting to recruit advertisers to list their services free of charge on Wantedly Perk (advertisers are subject to a screening process)

The official version of Wantedly Perk is scheduled to be launched after September 1, 2021. After the official launch, the service will be free to companies up to a certain number of employee accounts, after which a fee will be charged according to the number of accounts.