On November 4, Farmnote announced a new additional feature for their wearable cattle device, "Farmnote Color," that detects birthing for both diary cows and beef cattle. They expect to make it available at the outset of 2021.

It's essential in the dairy and livestock industry to monitor cows day and night when they are expected to give birth. If a cow is birthing and not discovered in time in colder climates then the calves may suffer from illness or succumb to the cold. The burden comes down on farmers to make rounds in order to spot troubled birthing situations before it's too late.

Farmnote Color is a sensor device that gathers information on cows in real time. It attaches to their neck to reduce the burden on cows and help expedite work for farmers. It also utilizes AI to monitor for signs of illness and breeding activity, as well as measure movement, rumination, and rest. The device detects birthing indicators and notifies farmers and producers via their smartphone, tablet, etc. This greatly reduces labor and costs that farmers face when it comes to cow birthing.

The company already has data on approximately 430,000 cows with a share of about 11% of Japan's domestic cattle, which they're using to develop new features and further improve accuracy for Farmnote Color.