root C

On the 24 of June, New Innovations announced that they had raised ¥170 million (approx. $1.58 million) through further investment from existing shareholders, as well as third-party allotment of shares to new investors and businesses.

New Innovations develops products, such as their flagship AI cafe robot "root C," with the aim of creating a future where jobs that don't need to be done by people are performed by robots, so people can spend their time living more human lives.

root C is an AI cafe robot that predicts the demand for coffee and begins extracting the coffee automatically. In the two experiments that have been conducted so far, they collected consumption data and user experiences from the workers in an office building, and used this data to improve the quality of the coffee; they have also made it possible to purchase the coffee through an app.

And now they have been raising money with the goal of speeding up the development process so that the product can be used by more people. They plan to use the money they have raised to make further improvements to the user experience, such as the introduction of a subscription model where users can use root C to easily order their favorite kind of coffee whenever they like.