JT launched the website “Rethink PROJECT,” which seeks to solve issues in local communities through the establishment of partnerships, on June 8.

Recognizing the value of diversity in nature, society, and communities, JT Group is working on various social initiatives as a responsible member of the local community to address urgent issues in the three domains of “correcting social disparities,” “disaster response,” and “environmental conservation” that it has identified.

Under the slogan of “imagining a time for humans,” the company believes that it is imperative for us to “rethink” and consider things from different perspectives in order to recognize the diversity of values that exist in society. Rethink PROJECT was launched in order to draw on this way of thinking to solve local issues.

This project involves building partnerships with people who are aware of the issues confronting the local community and who are willing to attempt to solve them, thinking, and acting together. It aims to utilize the principle of “rethinking” to recognize the value of different things, phenomena, and people in the world, allow us to respect each other, and create a society where mutual understanding is possible.