Schottky diodes

STMicroelectronics announced its new radiation-hardened rectifier diodes (200V and 400V withstanding voltage) with ESCC (European Space Components Coordination) certification, as well as radiation hardened Schottky diodes (45V and 150V Withstanding Voltage) with SEB hardening. This expands their product portfolio of radiation hardened power devices for aerospace applications.

The radiation hardened Schottky diodes are available in 45V and 150V withstand voltage and are SEB hardened up to 61MeV/cm2/mg of linear energy transfer (LET). Since it is stated to be the industry's first SEB hardened Schottky diode, it is regarded to be suitable for many power conversion circuit systems. The 150V withstand voltage product can be directly connected to the 100V satellite power supply bus, and the 45V withstand voltage product can be directly connected to the 28V satellite power supply bus. The maximum forward voltage (VF) of the 150V withstand voltage product is 0.78V at 40A/125°C, and the maximum VF of the 45V withstand voltage product is 0.61V.

The radiation hardened rectifier diodes and radiation hardened Schottky diodes guarantee resistance up to 3 Mrad (Si) of total ionizing dose (TID). The voltage drop is guaranteed for four operating current values, and since one type of device can support multiple power supply designs, it is claimed that the design can be simplified.

Both products use the same planar technology as AEC-Q101 compliant automotive grade products. It is manufactured at the Rennes factory in France and it is said to have excellent quality assurance.