Rikkyo University and BizReach start joint industry-university research for social integration of AI

On April 27, Rikkyo University's Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence and Science and BizReach signed a joint research agreement for the social integration of AI. The graduate school is Japan's first dedicated to AI. From April 30, it will start joint research with BizReach.

To attain "Society 5.0" advocated by the Japanese government, leading-edge technologies like AI are necessary. However, a shortage of about 120,000 AI experts in Japan is expected by 2030. Believing that educational reforms and using AI in business are important, Rikkyo University established the "Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence and Science" in April, Japan's first graduate school dedicated to AI. Unlike conventional university AI research centering on basic research, Rikkyo University's AI research is geared to strengthen AI's connection to business through collaboration between academia, industry, and government. The joint research with BizReach is part of this.

BizReach will build a high-quality data foundation for the pseudonymisation of personal information and devoiding noise to enable the safe and smooth use of the data on the "BizReach" job-switching platform operated by BizReach for over 10 years. About 30 percent of employees are engineers working in product development for company services. The AI models created for research and concept verification are made to learn large-scale data and actually used to provide services and respond to customers. By further improving and repeating the product development at a fast pace, the engineers gain experience.

Through joint research, Rikkyo University and BizReach aim to establish a new scheme so that companies use in their business leading-edge AI technologies owned by university research institutions.