Akerun Access Control System

On April 13, PhotoSynth announced that it is to lend the Akerun Access Control System (Akerun Pro), which can control access to specific designated areas and manage the access history of specific individuals, free of charge to support medical institutions and local governments to help fight the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

In response to a rapid increase in inquiries from medical institutions and local governments about their service, the company has decided to lend out approximately 1,000 units of their Akerun Access Control System, free of charge until the end of September 2020, to assist in their response to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The uses for these institutions are as follows.

・The management of access to designated areas within medical institutions and local government buildings, as well as the management of the access histories of specific individuals.
・A real time understanding of who has entered designated areas within their buildings, etc.
・It works with IC cards such as FeliCa and MIFARE, which means it is compatible with IC entry passes and employee cards that are already in use. It also allows users to unlock doors with a proprietary smartphone application.

The company stated that it will prioritize medical and local governmental institutions that are applying coronavirus testing and treating infected patients as a part of the efforts to stop the spread of the infection. It will lend out approximately 1000 units, with up to 10 units available per institution. They will be accepting applications until May 31, and may extend the loan period or the application deadline depending on the progress of the epidemic.

The Akerun Access Control System is a cloud based access control system marketed toward corporations, and can be attached to preexisting doors. It contains Akerun Pro, which works with thumb turn locks, and Akerun Controller, which works with automatic doors and doors with electronic or magnetic locks, and allows for installation on preexisting doors, so that they can be locked and unlocked via a smartphone application or IC card.

It also allows you to manage administration rights and access histories via the cloud, including browsing user access histories, assigning or removing access permissions to users, and more through the web interface, Akerun Manager. Further, through their API, you can improve security through labor management, cashless settlements, and biometric authentication by linking it to external productivity management, membership management, settlement, and facial recognition systems.